Emerson Network Power allows business-adaptable IT infrastructures with free-for-download playbook


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Today, Emerson Network Power  released a CIO Playbook titled, “Creating an IT Infrastructure that Adapts to Your Business”.

The playbook is the latest in a series of free-for-download informational guidelines specially designed for CIOs. Its aim is to help IT decision makers in the cost-effective building of an infrastructure that can adapt to the ever-changing needs in the business world.

“Understanding the data center’s true capacity will help the CIO strategize how to best make improvements within the facility, “said Tony Gaunt, internet data centres director for Emerson Network Power in Asia.

“Through infrastructure monitoring, CIOs are better placed to determine which equipment to upgrade, whether to replace or just make improvements, to more effectively allocate business resources.” Gaunt added.

The CIO Playbook expounds on insightful understanding of the IT load. With this understanding, the criticality and available capacity of information technology can help businesses put together a plan.

Read, “Creating an IT Infrastructure that Adapts to Your Business” at www.EmersonNetworkPower.com/CIOtopics. A podcast on the topic can also be accessed at www.EmersonNetworkPower.com.