Facebook updates Android app, now native app for Android and is faster, better


While a lot of us here at the Gadgets office are Android lovers, one of the things that we absolutely hated with the device was the clunky Facebook app for it. It’s slow, clunky and is pretty much the antithesis of what an Android app is supposed to be. Well, Facebook has turned that around with their newest update for their mobile app, which is now completely native to Android – none of that HTML 5 crap – and boy is it fast. You can read what Zuckerburg and Co. has done to improve things in their official post, but the long and short of it is that the new app is now faster than ever before. Photos load quicker, there’s hardly any load times and the integration of FB to third-party apps is now not a horrible experience. Facebook has also added a few UI tweaks as well, like the status bar disappearing when you scroll down. It’s best to download the update to the app yourselves to see the difference – the update is now live on Google Play.

Source: Facebook