Free Music for Everyone: Deezer goes Mac and Mobile

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On March 31, Deezer announced its expansion to two major new platforms. These developments aim to give music fans an unmatched experience across mobile, desktop and tablet devices.


Now, when a user tunes into Deezer on their mobile gadgets, they will be granted access to Flow. A unique radio station, users can explore their music library as well as use their past streams on Deezer. What’s more, Flow is free from all time restrictions giving its users the ultimate freedom to listen to their preferred tracks anywhere.

Playlist Radio

The Playlist Radio is a feature that takes the users’ favorite playlists and combines them with recommendations from expert editors across the world to create a radio station focused on music discovery which is available for free and unlimited.

Deezer has also launched a brand new radio section on both web and mobile platforms. Featuring advanced search features along with hundreds of music genres to choose from. It will also remove all time restrictions on desktop and tablet, giving music fans the opportunity to listen and discover great new music.

Deezer for Mac

Deezer also launched the Beta version of Deezer for Mac, allowing users of the platform to seamlessly and easily merge their existing music collection with Deezer. More than just a simple desktop app, Deezer for Mac is much lighter and quicker than a web version.

Daniel Marhely, Deezer’s founder, said: “Innovating to push the boundaries is part of our DNA, and our focus right now is on offering an intensely personal music experience for each and every one of our users. With Flow and the new mobile radio features, anyone will be able to discover great new music on their mobile, completely free from any limitations.”

“Meanwhile, our new Deezer for Mac is beautifully simple to use and allows anyone to unify the music collections they’ve painstakingly collected over the years, with music they’re streaming from Deezer. Today’s launch of Deezer for Mac will, I hope, help transition the streaming stalwarts and get them to try our service because when they do, we know they’ll get hooked.”