Give Epson your feedback, get a chance to win a prize!

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Are you a happy owner of any of Epson’s 3LCD projectors? We have a little news that might interest you. Just give Epson feedback regarding your beloved projector, and you stand a chance to take home a brand new Epson LW-900 label printer.

“It is a source of great pride for us that even here in the Philippines, Epson is now the No.1 projector brand. As a technology company that believes in continuous improvement and innovation, we are taking this opportunity to invite all Epson projector owners to give us their feedback. All our customers need to do is go to our website (, tell us what they think about their Epson projector, and provide their details for a chance to win an Epson label printer,” added Ferro.

Just head over tot he website, give your device a rating, and share your experience with the device. Five users who submit feedback will be chosen at random, and each will receive an Epson LW-900 Labelworks printer.

The Sweepstakes is open to any person who owns or uses an Epson 3LCD projector, whether at home or at work, within the Philippines. Ownership and usage of the projector shall be verified via the participant’s submission of the product serial number. Each product serial number can only be submitted once.

Epson’s 3LCD projectors boast of superior color brightness over 1-chip DLP projectors of similar range. A projector’s color brightness is usually measured in ‘lumens’.  Color Light Output (or color brightness) is the measurement for Color Brightness while White Light Output is for White Brightness. Many projector manufacturers provide only one brightness number — the white brightness measurement.

As color is a critical component every time a projector is used – for presentations, watching movies, and gaming – it is important for customers to ask for the color light output or color lumens of the projector that they are eyeing before making the purchase.

“Epson projectors provide equal color light output and white light output.  This is one of the reasons why Epson has been the projector of choice all over the world for 13 straight years,” added Ferro.