Globe connects more people in Luzon provinces

Globe Telecom has successfully completed network link-up with Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) covering three major provinces in Luzon before the year ends.

Residents and business establishments in La Union, Nueva Ecija, and Benguet can now enjoy more affordable and efficient telecommunication services from the two major operators with the activation of local interconnection in the three provinces. Local interconnection paves the way for subscribers in a specific province or city to make calls via 7-digit local dialing without paying long distance charges. Without interconnection, a Globe landline subscriber would have to pay long distance rates to call a PLDT landline subscriber within the same area, and vice-versa.

An interconnected network will greatly impact the delivery of fast and cost-efficient telecommunication services that will further boost economic growth of the three provinces. Nueva Ecija, for instance, is considered the main rice growing province of the Philippines and is one of the top producers of agricultural products in the country. La Union and Benguet host a variety of industries that significantly contribute to its growing economies: service, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and tourism.

“The successful activation of local interconnection in La Union, Benguet and Nueva Ecija is indeed one good reason to celebrate the Yuletide season, especially as it benefits more subscribers in the country who deserve and quality affordable telecom services,” said Atty. Froilan M. Castelo, Head for Corporate and Legal Services Group of Globe. “This is definitely a huge milestone for the three provinces as part of our compliance to the request of NTC to boost the country’s telecommunications infrastructure, with Globe always committed to serve and protect public interest and consumer welfare.”