Globe Data Center acquires industry “green” stamp for Environment Management System



Globe Business Professional Services Division Head Chris Cheng (right) receives the ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System on behalf of Globe Telecom for its flagship Data Center from AJA Registrar’s Paul Bagatsing.

Adding to Globe’s continuous streak of global recognitions, its flagship data center earns an ISO 14001:2004 for “Environmental Management System (EMS).”

Recently, the certification was bestowed to the telco’s data facility as its services were considered to fulfill requirements adherent to environmental compliance.  These factors are on top of Quality, IT Service Management, Information Security and Business Continuity standards that will eventually deliver the widest possible acceptance in the IT sector.

“The ISO-EMS certification ensures that any and all interfaces between the Globe Data Center and the environment are closely controlled in a manner that minimizes any untoward environmental impact,” affirmed Globe Business Vice President for IT-Enabled Services Group (IG) Rey Lugtu.

Meanwhile, Globe Business Senior Vice President for Enterprise Segments Group (EG) Nikko Acosta responded, “as a world-class, technologically-advanced and highly secure facility, clients of the Globe Data Center are assured that our services are globally compliant. The recent EMS, ISO 14001:2004 accreditation validates our commitment to expand and deliver solutions to our customers that highly support a greener IT ecosystem.”

The many features of the ISO-EMS cited the Globe Data Center of being capable of: (a) promoting procedures that have been made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner; (b) requiring proactive management of any design and operational environmental risks; (c) supporting customers to achieve lasting environmental and economic goals; (d) further increasing value-added corporate image; (e) enhancing efficient waste management reduction, energy and material savings, and encouraging cost distribution reduction; and (f) advocating green initiatives for the industry.

All Globe Business Data Centers carry three important global certifications and accreditations within the past five years: ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System, ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management System and BS 25999:2007 for Business Continuity Management System, which enhances any company’s business continuity program.