Globe launches 4 new apps: GCash, GServices, GMovies and GMessage, makes SMS messages cheaper when sent through apps


We just wrapped up Globe’s unveil of four of their newest smartphone apps for their customers. The four new apps – GCash, Gservices, GMovies and GMessage represent Globe’s renewed commitment to enriching the smartphone experience of their subscribers. All four apps will show up in both the Google Play store and the iOS App store.

The new GCash app allows users to buy load directly from the app which gives them a rebate of 10%. The app also allows users to pay for other stuff using GCash. For example, if you walked up to Starbucks and asked to pay for your drink using GCash, the app will generate a QR code that the store will then scan. Upon scanning the QR code, your GCash account will automatically be debited. No word yet on what stores will accept the QR code as of writing.

GServices does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows you to access Globe’s numerous services and promos straight from the app. Yes, that means that you will no longer have to remember keywords and the numbers that you can send them to – you can do all of that through the app itself. The app also gives you all the information that you need to remmember when you’re calling Globe’s customer support line, which includes your account details. You can also see your bill straight from the app if you want to.

GMovies makes buying movie tickets simpler and easier. The app allows you to buy tickets to whatever movie that’s showing. The app does all of this without leaving a paper trail, which isn’t the case with some of offerings out in the market. Once you pick a movie, you can then pick the seat that you want and then pay with it using your Credit Card and Ayala’s MPass service. From there, the app will then send you a bar code that you can then present when you get to the theater door – no more lining up at the ticket booth. The service will be available for Ayala Cinemas in connection with, no word yet when this will hit SM Cinemas.

GMessage is probably the most disruptive of all the services that Globe unveiled. It’s basically a messaging app that allows you to message other GMessage users for free. What’s special about this app is that it allows you send messages to people who don’t have the app, and Globe charges you a minimal fee when you do – the charge is Php 0.15, which is significantly cheaper than the regular Php 1.00 texting fee. We’ll let that sink in for a bit. The implication here is that it’s now cheaper to send a text using the app than using plain ol’ SMS. The only downside is that you will have to have an active data connection to use it, but in today’s world that’s not really a stretch.

The apps are available to download in both the Google Play Market and the iOS app store.