Globe says their legacy network better than Smart’s upgraded network

The network wars is heating up. Globe has given us a heads up yesterday that a recent NTC benchmark has said that Globe’s legacy network is better than Smart’s upgraded network when it comes to the Grade of Service. Grade of Service or Call Setup Failure Rate is touted as the most important metric in the telco industry, as this particular metric determines if you will be able to call whoever you want. Globe has managed to nab 4.45% (lower is better) while Smart got 9.95%.  Globe says that this score was achieved  using Globe’s legacy network, while Smart’s score was achieved using their upgraded network. By the way, both networks have failed that particular metric – NTC’s standard is 4%, so it’s fair to say that both have failed on that particular metric, it’s just that Globe failed closer to the passing grade than Smart.

Understandably, Ernest Cu, President CEO has lashed out against the negative ads that Smart has been running lately, saying that there’s a bigger chance of you not being able to call on the other network than on theirs. He adds “We know our network isn’t perfect, but that’s the reason why we’re spending 700 million dollars to improve our network.” The NTC benchmark was made during the second quarter of the year, in 16 cities in Metro Manila using network drive tests with a sample size of 1,506 on-net calls. Cu adds that it’s important to note that even though Globe only managed to get one metric up on Smart, they’re pretty much on parity with Smart on 3 of the other metrics (there are five including the CSFR).

As for the attack ads against Globe, Cu shrugged it off and said “when you spend 250 million pesos for those ads about this issue, you’ll end up sensitizing the public.”




  1. Hope NTC would develop standard for internet service. Tried smart globe and sun’s 3g… and the speed in our area is so so unacceptable most of the time :(

  2. this is BS…I dont even have signal inside our house in Pasig…how much did u pay Globe…crap…

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