Globe unveils country’s first LTE roaming service


The LTE wars is heating up, as Globe has announced their LTE roaming service for its subscribers and partner telcos around the world. The service sounds exactly what it says in the tin – LTE download and upload speeds in countries outside of the Philippines. That’s also the same courtesy Globe will be offering subscribers of partner carriers the same when they land in the Philippines (of course, they’re limited to the existing LTE network, which as of writing is still located in Makati).

The initial roll-out will be with China Telecom in Hong Kong, where Globe has stated the price of the service as $10 for unlimited data for 3 days, which is pretty cheap. Unfortunately, as of writing there’s still no price tier for devices that they announced that will use their LTE service, which includes the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Huawei Ascend and the ZTE T81. The next location that Globe will apply the 4G LTE roaming will be Korea, and other locations in the pipeline are Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan, the Middle East and Canada.