Globe warns subscribers of fake customer service reps on Twitter

Heads up, Globe subscribers – you will need to be careful who you talk to on Twitter about your account. Apparently there’s a lot of unscrupulous people in Twitter that is impersonating Globe’s customer service reps. The accounts try to dupe subscribers by using Twitter handles that are similar to the ones that Globe online specialists use and by copying their layouts. Globe has filed complaints with Twitter against the fake accounts, and has had them deactivated.

Aside from potentially stealing personal information from their customers, Globe says that the fake accounts also try to persuade their subscribers to switch to their rival networks. @PeejGlobe for example, tweets to Globe subscribers “We suggest to shift to the rival network as they have more stocks than us,” or “hi maybe kulang ka sa dokumento we suggest you try sundroid or iphone 5 (name of other network).”  @KenOfGl0be on the other hand tries to obtain personal information from subscribers through messages like “What is your location so we can refer this issue to our technical teams.”

For their part, Globe’s Peter Bithos, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business is understandably outraged. “It’s a shameful act that certainly does not have the best interest of the public in mind, and would like to assure our customers that Globe has taken the necessary steps to curb this and protect them from fraudsters.” He adds, “Aside from violating an existing Philippine law, this unethical act also goes against the self-regulatory discipline that allowed social media and social networking sites to flourish.  Die-hard Netizens will not tolerate this.”

Always remember to double check the Twitter names of the people you are talking to. Better yet, make sure that you forward any Globe concerns you have to the company’s official Twitter account, @enjoyGLOBE, and their two online specialists, @PeejOfGlobe and @KenOfGlobe.