Globe will not be differentiating between their iPhone 5 3G and LTE phone plans when Apple OKs LTE on iPhone 5

Globe Telecom’s Pether Bithos has stated at the company’s official iPhone 5 presscon today that they will not be differentiating between the plans they have for the 3G version of the iPhone 5 and the LTE plans of the device. The Globe executive cited that it would be “too difficult to explain to the customer the difference between the two to the customers.” Which makes sense – even some technology journalists have trouble explaining and understanding what LTE is really about. This is a major line in the sand for Globe, and a commitment that most customers will appreciate. On the subject of the official availability of the LTE on the iPhone 5, Peter has said that the ball is now in Apple’s court, as the company has it’s own approval process when it comes the LTE certification. It’s also important to note that all Globe iPhone 5 devices being sold in the Philippines are all LTE capable – once Globe’s LTE application with Apple gets green-lighted, all early adopters of the iPhone 5 will get an OTA update to turn on the LTE modules in their devices. It’s also important to note that to get LTE service, your SIM and account will have to be provisioned for it.