Google Kicks off A-Pop Star week, serves all the J-, K- and C-pop you could ever want


If you’re a K-pop, J-Pop or C-Pop fanboy or girl, you had best take a seat. Google is giving A-Pop fans everywhere a chance to interact directly with their favorite stars through Google+, as well as the YouTube A-Pop Channel, which serves as a hub for music videos and Live-streams from Asian artists. The A-Pop Star Week starts on the 8th of March, with the following schedule:

3/8       Shinee (K-Pop) #apopshinee

3/9       王力宏Wang Lee Hom (C-Pop) #apopleehom

3/10      Super Junior (K-Pop) #apopsuperjunior

3/11      きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅKyaryPamyuPamyu (J-Pop) #apopkyary

3/12      flumpool (J-Pop) #apopflumpool

3/13      2PM(K-Pop) #apop2pm

            3/14      五月天Mayday (C-Pop) #apopmayday

Fans also get a chance to ask questions of their favorite stars directly by logging in to Google+ and attaching the appropriate band’s hashtag to their questions. The stars will be picking five lucky fans for each of the hangouts, so make your question as creative as possible to stand out from the crowd. If you need more info, head over to these hangouts and learn more:

J-Pop (in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English):

C-Pop (in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English):

K-Pop (in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, and English):

You can also watch the hangout happening live by heading over to the YouTube A-Pop Channel which, apart from streaming live concerts, is also your best source for Top 20 videos by your favorite A-Pop stars. If you want to know more, check the Google+ Philippines Page HERE.