Google Play will probably hit one million apps this coming June


The relative number of apps for the marketplace of either iOS or Android is usually a pretty moot point because of the sheer size of both app stores, but it never hurts for both sides to have more than their competitor. The Android Marketplace has managed to get on even terms with Apple’s iTunes back in October as far as number of apps is concerned (700K), and Sociable is predicting that the Android Marketplace may get to the 1 millionth mark come June. The tech site used a process of polynomial regression in an attempt to roughly determine when the Android Marketplace would hit 1 million apps, and it looks like June is the magic month for Google. Of course, that number does not guarantee that there will be 1 million quality apps on the Android Marketplace, but at least there’s a fair chance of actually finding and downloading an app relevant to your interests.

Source: Sociable