Got Digital Media Skills? You are highly needed!

Adobe Infographic - SEA

Adobe recently unveiled the findings of its Asia Pacific-wide study titled “Education, Creativity and Employability.”

The study, wherein 121 educators were surveyed, revealed that a majority of educators in Southeast Asia (52 percent) highly agree that students proficient in digital media skills possess a better chance of being recruited when they enter the workforce.

Also, findings revealed that in Southeast Asia:

  • 62 percent of educators strongly agree that the use of creative tools by educators improves and enhances a student’s conceptual understanding. This is higher than the APAC average of 54 percent.
  • A majority (percent) of educators strongly agreed that basic digital media skills are essential for the 21st Century workforce.

Furthermore, 28 percent of those involved felt that the education system does not place enough emphasis on creative expression. Despite Southeast Asia coming in below the Asia Pacific average (37 percent), the gaps in the current education system also imply that not all students are gaining the necessary traits and skill-sets required for the modern workplace.

Commenting on the study, Peter McAlpine, Senior Director, Education, Adobe Asia Pacific said, “The education system in Southeast Asia has come a long way – over the years, we have seen educational institutes taking steps towards driving innovation and creativity in the classroom, enhancing the learning journey. The findings of the survey this year are a clear indication of the growing need for digital tools in the classroom to not only empower students, but also ready them for the 21st century workforce.”

The Education, Creativity and Employability’ study is based on an extensive survey of educators across Asia Pacific covering 13 countries (Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam).

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