Hackulous is gone.


Hackulous, the group behind Installous, which allows users with jailbroken iPhones to install apps illegally, is shutting down. Heading over to the group’s site at hackulo.us brings up a final message from the team saying it was getting harder and harder to keep people together and working, so they have decided to hang up the gloves and leave the scene behind. This is sad news for those who have used the Installous app to bypass Apple’s app store to get apps on their iDevices. The group did say, however, that they hoped their absence would create a void that would be filled by other members of the hacking community. While this is crushing news for those who pirate their apps, it is a big strep for those who want to jailbreak for legitimate reasons, but have roadblocks set for them because of the ease by which there is access to pirated apps. Users who have tried to update Installous will be faced with a multitude of errors, and ultimately, a failed update. While there are other ways to sideload apps onto your iDevice, it’s still best to support the app developers and get your apps straight from legitimate sources.