Honda helps survivors of Typhoon Mario


On September 20, in lieu of their scheduled ride to General Nakar, Honda opted to give a hand to those whose lives were devastated by the wrath of Typhoon Mario.

The typhoon left Marikina, as well as other parts of the country flooded and in shambles, so in order to ease the plight of our brothers and sisters, a group of riders from Honda Barkada went over to give a helping hand. 20 Studio Residences served as the HQ for the relief efforts of various groups including  the XRM Bikers Club, Club CB110, Club Scoopy of the Philippines. The volunteers then visited the evacuation center at Nangka Elementary School in Marikina to provide the evacuees with a few basic supplies to help see them through this rough patch. About 150 families were fed, with many able to take home additional supplies on top of the immediate assistance they received.