HP to use Android OS to restart mobile business, supposedly launching hi-end Tegra 4 equipped tablet this year

HP’s mobile dreams was dashed when it effectively shuttered WebOS a few years back, but it seems that the company is willing to go to great lengths to get back into the mobile game, which includes adopting an established OS to do so. Read Write Mobile is reporting that the company is adopting the Android OS for its mobile devices, and will start off by creating a hi-end Tegra 4 tablet. The company has no plans to make a smartphone this year, unfortunately.

According to ReadWrite’s sources, the tablet has been under development since Thanksgiving and should be announced by the company soon. HP’s attempts to get into the mobile market was an unmitigated disaster as WebOS was met with a massive “meh” from consumers. HP’s internal woes didn’t help the cause, and WebOS was effectively killed in 2011. By utilizing Android this time around, HP is tapping into the ecosystem of the most popular mobile OS in the world that’s already rich in apps and content, something that the company could never replicate in WebOS.

Source: Read Write Mobile 


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