Hvng trrouble with typng? LG rolls out Smart Keyboard enhancements

LG looks to give a better experience to their smartphone users by rolling out an even better Smart Keyboard.

LG’s keyboard has always been lauded in the past for being easy to use, and more than its share of smart, but LG has never been content to sit on their laurels. The keyboard, with its ability to learn from user input in order to translate presses to accurate text, and allows resizing to better fit particular users, has now been updated to do even more.

Emoji suggestion lets the keyboard suggest the most appropriate emoticon to represent a particular word. For example, typing the word “love” brings up a suggestion for an Emoji heart, for greater ease of expression.

Application-based text tone suggestion learns from users’ words, depending on the application. The keyboard takes note of what words are commonly used when the email app is opened and an email is composed, and offers that word as a suggestion, whether you open your emails with a formal “Dear,” or a nice, casual “Hi!”

Next word suggestion studies the user’s typing habits and word combinations, in order to intelligently suggest the most likely next words, going as far as to figure out what language the user is using.

Real-time path input allows users to swipe through letters on the virtual keyboard, giving users an alternate method to enter text, and showing possible words in real-time.

The smart keyboard is just one piece of the whole LG user experience, and addresses something all smartphone users do. “From the very beginning of G3’s development, we tried to learn as much as we could about the way consumers interact with their smartphones. This Smart Keyboard update is a clear example of LG’s continuing effort to provide a better and improved user experience,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

The updates will be rolled out to users starting this month, over the air.