Hyundai Motor Company donates USD 70,000 for education advocacy

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Pushing further its campaign against poverty and alleviating education in underprivileged communities, Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) has donated USD 70,000 to the Korean NGO Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) as part of the 13th Hyundai Happy Move Global Volunteer Camp program–one of Hyundai Motor Company’s global CSR programs, launched in 2008, that advocate education and sustainable communities.

HARI Foundation, Inc. (HFI), the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), has backed Hyundai’s global CSR campaign by involving participants of the Hyundai New Thinkers Circuit (HNTC) program. From July 21 to 31, 90 university students from Korea, alongside officials from Hyundai Motor Company’s (HMC) corporate responsibility team, set off to San Isidro, Montalban, Rizal to do volunteer work for the community. The participants, in cooperation with the locals, helped in constructing a two-storey elementary school (which will be named Grace Elementary School) and conducted learning activities for children.

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 “The Hyundai Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer Camp expresses Hyundai Motor Company’s humanitarian campaign to improve the lives of people living in less-fortunate and impoverished communities,” explained Mr. Ho Seon “Sunny” Eo, Manager of HMC Corporate Social Responsibility Department. “This year, our strategy is to focus more on education as it plays an important role in improving the lives of people and its community. Thus, we helped in the construction of a new elementary school and conduct of educational activities in the area to create a new foundation for the community of San Isidro, one that is based on learning and the dynamic exchange of new ideas.”

“We thank Hyundai Motor Company, its Korean student volunteers, and members of KFHI for striving to create a positive difference in our country, one community at a time,” explained Ms. Maria Fe Perez-Agudo, President of HARI Foundation, Inc. “Like HMC, HFI is aware of the importance of education, more specifically climate science literacy, as the world needs a new generation of leaders that will not only face the problems, such as poverty, but also the threats of climate change.”

Moreover, committing to help in HMC’s education initiatives are the student and teacher delegates of the Hyundai New Thinkers Circuit (HNTC) program. The students and teachers will conduct climate science workshops within the community that will complement with Hyundai’s Happy Move learning activities.