Hyundai presents to-die-for deals on Tucson


Tucson TWD

If you’ve seen the awesome Hyundai Zombie car, you might already know that Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), takes Halloween seriously. The kiwi green Hyundai Tucson made in collaboration with FOX, is the first-ever Filipino-made zombie survival car. And that’s just the start of the zombie-fied treats for you all. When you’re done ogling at the Zombie car, download The Walking Dead Chop Shop app and design your own zombie fighting machine.

Hyundai presents a month-long celebration, in the spirit of the season of the Undead, and are offering to-die-for-deals on the iconic Tucson. Too bad the actual zombie car isn’t for sale, but you can get your very own brand new Hyundai Tucson to zombie-fy for only P123,000 from October 19-31.

Keep your eyes peeled for zombie-fied Hyundai dealerships and themed displays duingt his period to view the legendary Tucson side-by-side its zombie-fied version. And avail of drop-dead financing deals, huge discounts, as well as surprise giveaways.