Instagram backs down; Users still a bit miffed.

This is an important heads-up for Instagram users. Just a few hours after a huge controversy caused by the photo sharing site’s new terms of agreement that said they would have perpetual rights to sell Instagram images without compensating the user that uploaded the shot, Instagram has relented and have said they will be removing the language that caused an uproar in the internet community this week. For those who haven’t been following this story, the now Facebook-owned Instagram put up a clause that said all photos on the site could be licensed by the site without paying or even notifying users. This clause would have taken effect starting the 16th of January, so the only way to opt-out would have been to deactivate your account. (Read the original CNET report HERE.) This could mean that an Instagram show of your kids at their favorite regular hangout spot could come out as an ad in some website or ad without your knowledge, making security a concern.
As of yesterday, Instagram has issued an apology for their “confusing” language that caused that is apparently a misunderstanding. They are now working on clearer language that removes that little intellectual property problem and hopefully soothe any hurt feelings. Facebook’s purchase of the site was known to people as a move to increase revenue, and one is left to wonder whether or not they really meant to do this in the first place. It seems like it would be a really bold, sneaky move to try something like that but then again, revenue is revenue. The real repercussions or this massive blow to privacy and security will be seen over the coming days as we wait and see how many Instagram users start to march over to competitors such as Google’s Snapseed or Flickr. Read more HERE.