seeks to pressure Senators to amending the Anti-Cybercrime Act, needs your help to succeed


The recently enacted Anti-Cybercrime Act has Filipino netizens up in arms, and for good reason: the libel clause included in the law is archaic, irresponsible and infringes on free speech. We feel strongly against this particular law, and we’re not alone. A group of netizens has created, a portal that shows exactly where each senator who voted for the controversial law stands. There are two columns in the site: one for it and the other one for the senators who want it amended, and as of press time, there’s now three senators who want to amend the law: TG Guingona, Chiz Escudero and Pia Cayetano. Clicking on the pictures of the Senators takes you their relevant social media presence (either Facebook or Twitter) so you can message them directly to tell them your displeasure on the new law. This is important guys: the more people we have telling them that the law is terribad, the bigger chances we have in convincing them to amend the law. So, click on that link and share it everywhere – on Twitter and on Facebook. This is how the Filipino netizens fight back.