Introducing the biggest load capacity washing machines from LG!

LG Introduces Biggest Load Capacity

LG recently introduced its newest front and top load washing machine models, which have the biggest load capacity in their lineup.

The WD-1252RD7 front-load model has a 13-kg washer and 7-kg dryer capacity, which spins at 1,200 revolutions per minute. It also features LG’s core Inverter Direct Drive technology and other Smart technology features, such as 6 Motion Direct Drive system, Smart Diagnosis, Smart Clean™, Warm Wash, and Auto Lint Cleaner. Other key features of the model are tilted drum and extra large door opening for easier handling and auto wash load detection.

“Ensuring that our new front- and top-load washing machines have the biggest load capacity is a key complement to the technologically advanced features of our new line,” Youngmin Chae, vice president of LG Electronics Philippines’ Home Appliance division, said. “Ultimately, we want our washing machines to match the needs of our consumers with the least possible energy, cost and effort required, and that is exactly what our new Smart washing machines do.”

All LG’s Inverter Direct Drive washing machines come with a 10-year motor warranty. For more information about LG’s washing machines and their smart features, visit