iPhone 5 disassembled by iFixit – somewhat easier to fix, still uses Apple’s proprietary Pentalobe screws

As a new iPhone is launched, it’s inevitable that the new device would be taken apart by interested third parties looking to make repair guides for it. One such site is iFixit, and as expected the website has already splayed the iPhone 5 apart for all to see. The crew over at iFixit has commented that the iPhone 5 uses the same pentalobe screws that are present on the iPhone 4S, which is good news for part-time tinkerers who have already taken the iPhone 4S apart. What’s even more surprising is that the device is opened front to back, which means it’s easier to repair than the iPhone 4S, which by their account, takes 38 steps to separate the display. This means that the iPhone 5 is the step forward for the company, from a repair standpoint. Other things that the crew discovered is that the iPhone 5 uses a 1440mAh battery, and the lens cover that protects the iSight camera is pretty sturdy, and is tough enough to withstand vigorous scratching from a steel tool.

Source: iFixit