Jabra outs SUPREME UC Bluetooth headset designed for mobile workers

A year following the introduction of the Jabra SUPREME—the first non-stereo headset to incorporate active noise cancellation—global headset manufacturer Jabra offers another wireless communications solution to today’s mobile worker.

Yesterday, Jabra introduced a new Bluetooth headset optimized to fit the needs for internet calls, online conferences and handsfree mobile phone calls—the Jabra SUPREME UC. The device is specifically crafted to work with all leading Unified Communications (UC) applications, including Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and Skype. It is also designed to take voice commands, so you can make or take calls and pair with your mobile devices by simply telling the SUPREME UC to do so.

Jabra Country Manager (Philippines) Larsen Sandoval demonstrates the SUPREME UC

“As the workforce continues to move towards mobility, both inside and outside of the office, Jabra is focusing on making communicating on the go as productive and seamless as possible,” says Ralph Ede, Jabra Managing Director for South Asia.  “The mobile worker is a key customer of ours, and we want to be sure we are offering products that keep them connected wherever, and however, they please.”

The SUPREME UC is equipped with a dongle that users can plug into their laptop, and although Ede stated at the press conference that you can still pair your notebook with the headset even without it, it’s pretty helpful as it increases Bluetooth range. The SUPREME UC is a plug-and-play device, which means you don’t need any special applications or drivers to use it. Plus, you can download free upgrades on Jabra.com.

What’s great about the device is that it has active noise cancellation. Ede claims that the device also has a built-in technology that makes your voice sound clearer to the user at the other end. So even if you’re walking along the streets of Metro Manila while talking to your boss or your clients, you’ll still hear and sound crystal clear.

Jabra Managing Director for Southeast Asia answers questions about the SUPREME UC

The device has a conveniently foldable design that enables users to turn it on and off by simply flipping the headset. Best of all, the device and the dongle can be conveniently tucked away in a compact container that can fit in your pocket.

The Jabra SUPREME UC retails at USD$149.00, which is roughly PHP 6,258.