Kaspersky Lab’s newest antivirus protects you from socially engineered attacks

Whenever people buy a new PC, getting some sort of digital prophylactic is usually the first order of business. Most people have a rudimentary knowledge of how to protect themselves online, but unfortunately Malware writers have found newer and more creative ways to steal personal information. Kaspersky knows this, and have crafted new features to counteract this in the latest iteration of their anti-virus, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013. The new versions of the anti-virus have several features that help prevent socially engineered attacks against internet users. These are:

  • Unique automatic exploit prevention technology that identifies and blocks exploits
  • Specialized safe money technology which includes specialized “Safe Browser” mode, isolating money-related business from other online activities
  • New antivirus engine with excellent detection rates for all kinds of malicious programs
  • Enhanced anti-spam features
  • Better performance and simplified user experience

Users can get licenses for both programs for a competitive rate, with prices starting from Php 1,160 for Kaspersky’s Internet Security 2013, and Php 760 for Kaspersky’s Anti Virus 2013.