Kindle Fire officially has 50% of the Android tablet market in the US

If we told you that a relatively stunted device (specs-wise) had a stranglehold on the Android tablet market in the US, would you believe us? Well, apparently that’s the reality in the US, where research company comScore has said that the Amazon Kindle Fire, a relatively low-specced device (when compared to other tablets) has grabbed 50% of the Android tablet in the US. What’s surprising is that this $199 tablet managed to achieve this feat in a span of only 4 months, edging out rival Samsung by a large margin (15.4%). The tablet game in the US is now effectively a two company race, with Amazon and Apple competing for customers’ hard earned cash. Other Android manufacturers like Asus, Samsung, Acer, Sony and Toshiba will now have to drop their prices to compete with Amazon’s rock bottom $199 pricing, a strategy that even Google is actively working towards.

Source: comScore