Lenovo exec says Windows 8 RT tablets will cost $300 less than Intel-based machines

Here’s a bright spot for people looking to get a Windows 8 RT tablet when the OS is officially launched two months from now: a Lenovo exec has gone on record to say that they expect Windows RT powered devices, meaning devices powered by ARM processors, will cost $300 less than comparable Intel-powered Windows 8 Pro tablets when the devices are launched right after the official Windows 8 launch.  David Schmoock, Senior VP of Lenovo’s North American division says that full-on tablets will possibly come in at the $600 (about Php 25448) and $700 (Php 29689) price range, while Windows RT powered devices will retail for $300 less. “RT will play in consumer and retail at very aggressive price points,” he said. This particular comment may lend credence to the rumor that Microsoft’s RT version of the Surface tablet will retail for around $200. One can only hope.

Source: Bloomberg