Lenovo powers 2GO Group

lenovo2goLenovo has been providing 2GO group with computing devices which enhances 2GO group’s productivity levels and service capabilities since 2010.
An average of 9,000 and 25,000 transactions daily in its shipping and passage business are handled through Lenovo devices allowing 2GO to serve the day-to-day information demands of its customers accurately and in a timely manner.
Before shifting to Lenovo, 2GO used hardware that suffered from performance issues and broke down within a span of six to seven months. Having encountered a series of system breakdowns, 2GO decided to invest on Lenovo hardware to address durability and power requirements.
2GO acquired the ThinkCentre M81 and M82 PCs, as well as ThinkPad Edge E Series, ThinkPad X Series, ThinkPad T400, ThinkPad Z Series, and Lenovo G Series laptops to be used by different business units.
Using Lenovo computing devices has given 2GO savings in support cost. Lenovo’s fast machine deployment, efficient support service, and long user life span have helped to enhance 2GO’s service levels.
“Our Lenovo desktop and laptop PCs are highly reliable, and they are able to cater to our organization’s multiple day-to-day demands. As we advance in this mobile-driven era, we are banking on Lenovo’s continued service support and innovative devices to serve a bigger market without compromising productivity,” said Kim David, Chief Information Officer, 2GO Group.
Today, 2GO uses over 1,400 Lenovo desktops and 500 laptops for its front-end and back-end business needs.