Lenovo predicts key trends for 2014


LenovoThis 2014, Lenovo projects the PC plus industry will be propelled by ‘consumerization’ of business devices. This change, according to Lenovo, will be triggered by the emergence of the “Choose Your Own Device” and the “Bring Your Own Device” trends in the workplace.

Moreover, the company expects to see the growth in the multimode convertibles industry as consumers consider factors such as flexibility, reliability, and content creation in purchasing devices.

The PC takes shape in innovative form factors

An IDC survey found that 58.5 percent of respondents bought a tablet to be used in addition to a laptop (but not a replacement). With tablets closing the performance gap with PCs, the demand for better input accuracy still remains. Innovations for the PC platform led to the creation of convertible PCs, like table PCs.

“Lenovo will grow and lead the market for convertible PCs with products like the Yoga series, the Flex 14 and 15 laptops, as well as Horizon Table PC and Flex 20 All-In-One (AIO). This growth potential will be driven by declining production costs for key components such as processors, storage and touch technologies,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

All-day computing will be the Holy Grail in the mobile era

Triggered by the tough competition in the mobile devices market, manufacturer often highlight features to slay rivaling brands, but they often come at the expense of battery life.

A device with a dead battery is worthless. Users seek to rid themselves of the reliance on additional power sources. Combining modern product design with all-day battery life is possible with Lenovo’s new Power Bridge technology. This technology  allows users to swap external batteries without powering down their PC. This “hot swap” feature, available in Lenovo’s new range of ThinkPad Ultrabooks (T440s, T440 and X240) and Lenovo’s Yoga tablets.

Business verticals – the new tablet white space

Several educational institutions have introduced tablet devices like the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 for academic staff and college students to use on campus.

Riding businesses’ growing adoption of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wave, it has become an opportunity for consumer-oriented tablets like the Yoga Tablet to be used in the commercial space. For businesses with an existing cloud service, IT managers can ensure the tablets are secured via cloud-based software for these products.

CYOD as the new business mobility trend

As the adoption of BYOD continues in Asia Pacific, a new trend emerges. Touted “Choose Your Own Device” (CYOD), this model offers the benefits of management and security.

“While there will be obstacles to overcome in 2014, as with every year, Lenovo expects to tap on market opportunities for profitable growth as we continue to innovate in every product category in the PC Plus space, and maintain our strong execution of our successful “Protect and Attack” strategy in the New Year,” said Ngan.

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