LG details design on Optimus G, details their Crystal Reflection process

LG’s mighty proud of its newest smartphone, the Optimus G. Why not? This next generation smartphone is toting all the latest tech along with it, and has some pretty impressive design cues. LG says that the screen blends seamlessly with the rest of the device when it’s off, and that the Crystal Reflection process used for the first time on the back of LG’s new Optimus G smartphone was developed and patented over a period of 15 months. They continue to brag that it “gives the Optimus G’s back cover the ability to display different patterns depending on the viewing angle and lighting. The intricate polarized 3D pattern, which sparkles just under the surface, looks almost jewel-like. Laser cutting adds to the clean finish, as do the metallic highlights. ” Want to know more about the process? Head on over to their Facebook page where they talk all about it.