LG reports 10 million satisfied L-style owners worldwide

LG has reached a sales milestone of sorts – the Korean company is reporting that there are now at least 10-million satisfied owners of L-style devices all over the world. These L-series of handsets include the Optimus L3 (3.2-inch display), Optimus L5 (4.0-inch display), Optimus L7 (4.3-inch display) and the Optimus L9 (4.7-inch display). “This milestone demonstrates the importance of delivering smartphones with stylish design, comparative size of display and enhanced UX features,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG Mobile Communications Company. “Whereas other manufacturers are putting all their eggs into a one-size-fits-all phone, our strategy is to develop mobile products for all types of customers according to their individual needs and lifestyles.” The sales milestone is nowhere near as huge as Samsung’s record mobile sales, but at least LG is heading in the right direction.