LG updates G Watch to solve hardware problem


In what, at first glance, seems a lot like the firmware update that supposedly waterproofed iPhones, LG has just released an update for the G Watch that addresses corrosion on the charging terminals. While sending out a firmware update to fix what is decidedly a hardware issue might be suspect, this time, there’s actually some science behind it. The corrosion, which come users reported to have experienced in as early as a week, causes varying problems from some mild discoloration, to discomfort on the side of the wearer, and most troublingly, the device’s refusal to charge. It might seem a little far-fetched, it actually makes sense. The update stops the device from sending power to the terminals when not necessary, halting chemical reactions that cause corrosion particularly when in contact with sweat. It’s an interesting case, actually, but in the end could save everyone involved a pretty penny.

(Photo from Androidcentral user editorkid)