Looking at the new Nexus 7? Maybe hang back just a bit.


The new Nexus 7, Google’s highly-anticipated follow-up to their first foray into the tablet world, has been met with much approval. We can’t blame the consumers. It’s thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor, and comes with a much sharper screen, while still keeping the same attractive low price that makes ut so appealing. We want one of our own, to be honest, and we’re trying to scrounge together enough loose change and a willing relative to take one home for us.

The latest news from users who have already gotten their hands on the new slate reports that the new Nexus 7 seems to have a problem with GPS connectivity. USers have shared problems ranging from a complete inability to latch on to a signal, to the signal dropping out after 20-30 minutes of connectivity. Google is apparently aware of this, and is working on a fix, presumably with the manufacturer, Asus, but so far, no details have been released as to a fix for the problem. With such a large modding and user community, as well as full support from the big G, an answer should be available soon.