Messaging vulnerability in Windows Phone 7 found, disables messaging hub

Windows Phone 7 owners, heads up. Tom Warren at has found a vulnerability in Microsoft’s latest operating system that can potentially cripple your phone’s ability to send and receive messages. The flaw is pretty simple: a message is sent to your Phone 7 device, which in turn shuts off and reboots. Once the phone is up and running again, you’ll won’t be able to open the messaging hub. The only way to fix this is to do a painful wipe and restore on your device. The flaw affects the current build of Windows Phone 7 (codenamed Mango) and is not manufacturer specific. Tom says that the flaw can also be triggered by Facebook chat and Windows Live Messenger.

The content of the message isn’t detailed in his post in for obvious reasons, and he, along with one of his readers, Khaled Salameh is now in talks with Microsoft to find a way to fix the issue. Unfortunately, there is workaround for this particular issue yet, aside from the already mentioned restart and wipe fix. We’ve embedded a video below of how the whole thing goes down.

Source: Winrumors