Microsoft releases DirectX 11.1, makes it Windows 8 only


Microsoft has just released the newest update to DirectX 11, DirectX 11.1. The new update isn’t as significant as the previous one and basically just adds Stereoscopic 3D support to games that use DirectX, something that both NVIDIA and AMD graphic cards are capable of. However, Microsoft has said that the new update will only work for people who have Windows 8, and will not be made available for people who have Windows 7 and below. While we’re not overly concerned about our chances at seeing some native 3D using our notebooks, we are a bit concerned at the possibility that games may start to ship in the future that use DirectX 11.1 as a baseline, which has already happened with DirectX 10 and Direct X 11 with both Vista and Windows 7. That can’t sit well with the general PC gaming populace.

Source: Neowin