Moto X unveils Skip clip

914512188fad6b7d_MotoX_ColorPinwheel.previewThe fully customizable and user-friendly smartphone that is Motorola’s new Moto X is making big waves—and it’s not because of its 4.7-inch display!

Motorola recently unveiled a thumb-sized clip that provides a one-tap authentication to the forthcoming Moto X. The Skip replaces the PIN used to unlock the device, which serves as a passcode activation without the manual input. (Hello, Skip. Goodbye, PIN!)

The Skip uses NFC (near field communication) to pair with the Moto X and authenticate its lock screen. Tap the Moto X to the Motorola Skip, and the home screen is revealed, without the need to dial an authentication code or use a unique swipe gesture.

The Motorola Skip will be available first in black and grey, but it will be releasing more colors in the coming months.

In addition to the Skip clip, the accessory comes with Skip “dots”, which are stickers that can be attached to a desk, nightstand, or other frequented area. Just tap the Moto X on a Skip dot to authenticate, as you would with the Skip clip.

This tap-and-you’re-in authentication is a fresh new direction for Android devices, and Motorola is taking loads of common user behaviour into account. To learn more about Motorola Skip, visit The Official Motorola Blog.

Image and article courtesy of Geek Sugar


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