Myspace gets a total makeover

Myspace recently released a teaser of the site’s rebooted version, and a lot of people on the web are surprised at just how much the once-dominant social networking site has changed.

The site now sports a new minimalist layout that looks absolutely nothing like its past blueprints. It now looks more like a Tumblr Premium Theme than a Myspace revamp. Much unlike its previous versions, posts are now arranged in a grid layout that you can scroll sidewards. Photos and albums are now bigger and more visible on the person’s profile. No word yet on how much you’ll be able to customize the layout and contents of your profile.

What Myspace did retain, though, is its heavy focus on music. From the video, Myspace artist pages seem pretty interactive as they allow users to view their music videos, listen to their songs, and even see some of their activities on the site. Users will be able to explore new songs and artists on the dashboard. Best of all, as we learned from Engadget, the site has its own integrated playlist creator.

If you’re excited to try out the site’s new format, you can head over to THIS LINK and key in your email address to get an invite.