Netbook market ends in 2012, ASUS ends Eee PC production with Acer following close behind


Goodbye Netbooks, it’s been fun. Digitimes is reporting that two of the biggest netbook makers in the world will now either stop production or will not continue to release new models. ASUS has announced that it is ending its effectively ending its Eee PC product line in 2012, with Acer doing essentially the same by announcing that they have no more plans to create new models of the low cost notebook. Both manufacturers have said that they will be selling off the remaining stock of netbooks in their warehouses.

So what killed the Netbook? Well, it’s a combination of things, but mostly it was because of tablets. Tablets are easier to use, lighter, is faster is some respects when it comes to performance, more versatile because of apps..the list goes on. Not to mention the prices of tablets have fallen so much that some of them are even cheaper to buy now than some netbooks. Probably the only markets where netbooks are sold in are developing countries like ours, which is slowly being taken over by affordable tablets that cost much, much less than netbooks.

Source: Digitimes


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