Netflix Hack Day

Taking a break from usual work routine, Netflix employees collaborated with talented hackers to participate in yet another successful Netflix Hack Day. Held in the mid of August, the event paved way the for a fun-filled day which cultivated teamwork, innovation, and creativity.  

The event saw a variety of innovative ideas that include hacks on design, efficiency, and other useful features. While the event yielded interesting ideas and useful hacks done in the confines of only 24 hours, they may or may not be part of Netflix’s upcoming builds and technologies. Despite of this, these hacks remain just as valuable as other innovative ones.  In the spirit of sharing the potential of innovative technologies, here are some hacks you may may want to see:

Netflix Vending Machine

By Ryan Anklam, Micah Ransdell, Tony Edwards, Neha Samant, Sumana Mohan, Tyler Hughes

The Netflix Kiosk is a vending machine where users can pay, sample, and sign up for netflix.


By Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, and Carnina Motion, Christiane Petite

Teleflix  merges old technology with the new. Utilizing an original 1920s brass AT&T telegraph key and a Raspberry Pi, the hack brings a true single button interface for Netflix. Done wirelessly, the hackers’ creation is able to decode Morse code from the key on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and send the USB keyboard scancodes to the TV to enable  searching and playback of Netflix content.


By Kate Pflueger, Juha Turunen, Asim Khan

Always wondered how it would be like if the eyes of the characters on screen followed the cursor? If you’re into that slightly creepy experience then know that it’s been done. Spookyfix does exactly that through semi-automated depth maps and tracking.

Continue Binge Watching

By Kevin Lew and Chris Carey

If you’re a Netflixer subscriber then you’re probably familiar with the continue watching row.  If you aren’t, then know that it’s basically a row that shows you shows you’ve begun, but not yet finished. The Continue Binge Watching brings it to the next—it shows you a graphic of where you’re actually at, and how much time you need to binge watch and finish all the episodes.

Netflix Audiobook Mode

By Jordanna Kwok and Glen Davis

The title says it all. The hack is able to provide you an mini audiobook player for Netflix. Similar to an audiobook, you get to hear the audio descriptions of each scene alongside its dialogue.