Nike gives up the Fuel Band, lets other companies do the heavy lifting.


Nike-FuelBand-SE-WM0114_001_AIn a move that is contrary to the rest of the tech world, Nike has abandoned their expedition into the largely uncharted territory of wearable tech. Reports from around the internet are saying that the Fuel Band, one of the first wearable tech devices that gained widespread popularity, has just been canned, with the subsequent layoffs to take effect before much longer.

In an email to the tech website The Verge, Nike spokespoerson Brian Strong said that the company is one that continually aligns their resources with business priorities, and as their digital sport priorities change, so does their team.

Rumors are swimming around saying that this branch of the company will be shifting their attention to software, particularly those that other manufacturers can incorporate into their own hardware. Though they were the first to market wearable tech with this level of success and popularity, it seems they’re planning on taking care of the software side, and allowing the market to pick another hardware manufacturer to come up with the devices. any tech companies are scrambling to put solid wearables out onto shelves, and the Nike brand, if only for software, could do a lot to push merchandise, even though it’s a third-party piece of kit.