Note II prices drop in the US. Could they know something we don’t?

Prices for Samsug’s Galaxy Note II have dropped to as low as USD 149.99 in the US. Now, before you scramble to make amends with your absentee relatives across the pond, we should say that these prices are available to new contracts with Verizon only. If you intend to buy a phone off-contract, you’re still going to have to shell out about USD 700. This is not unusual around this tie of year, as prices do drop around the time of the Mobile World Congress, and this year, it’s set to happen on the 25th of February. This does, however, hint at the possibility of a new device at the MWC. It’ a little iffy to assume a Note 3, since the current Note just came out last November (though the rumor mill does say the possibility of a new Note early this year is high.) What could be more likely is an update to the S3, which is almost a year old; practically forever without a refresh in this day and age. We can let the rumors run all we want; they will all be confirmed to tossed out in a few short weeks, at the MWC. Still, if you’re intending to get yourself a new device, you might want to wait a little as better prices and newer options make their way to the horizon.