NVIDIA Tegra 3 with LTE dropping in Q3

We’ve spoken about NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 and LTE before (or more accurately, the lack of LTE in Tegra 3) but it seems that we’ll be seeing LTE in Tegra sooner than later. At the HTC Frequencies conference last week in Seattle, NVIDIA general manager Mike Rayfield said that another version of Tegra 3 will come in Q3, sporting LTE and a significant speed bump. Additionally, Rayfield also said that Tegra 3 could theoretically take LTE, addressing the rumors that Tegra 3 supposedly doesn’t play nice with LTE. According to the PC Mag report, Rayfield said that “the guy who has LTE isn’t all that excited about working with me,” referring to Qualcomm, the largest maker of LTE modems so far, who is also a fierce competitor in the mobile chip race.

Source: PC Mag