NVIDIA unveils Tegra 4 mobile processor at CES, 72 GPU cores, almost 6x faster than Tegra 3


NVIDIA’s mobile processors, codenamed Tegra, has had a lot of competitors as of late. It only made sense for the company to announce the successor to their Tegra 3 processor that has made its way onto hundreds of mobile devices around the world. The successor, simply called Tegra 4, promises to deliver far more computing power than the previous generation of chips. During their CES press event, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that the new chip retains the old  4-plus-1 arrangement of its predecessor, but it will now sport 72 GeForce GPU cores. It’s also the first quad-core processor with Cortex A15 cores on-board. Unfortunately, Tegra 4 still does not have an LTE module built-in, although it is compatible with LTE networks right off the bat. While it’s not confirmed yet, it looks like Tegra 4 will be using the company’s new 28nm manufacturing process, which is a far cry from their old 40nm process that was used with Tegra 3.

Jen-Hsun also claims that “Tegra 4 is the fastest mobile application processor in the world today,” beating out Apple’s A6X processor. He also adds that their new chip helps with taking HDR photos, allowing devices to take HDR photos in only .2 seconds, something that other mobile processors can’t deliver. In a demo on-stage during their CES presser, Jen-Hsun demonstrated Tegra 4’s imaging prowess by taking shots using HDR, all the while composing the whole image with a live preview of HDR to guide them. Pretty impressive, if you ask us.