Nvidia’s Next Generation Mid-Range Gaming Graphics Card, Now Official

Offering exceptional gaming experience this 2019, Nvidia has officially announced the much-awaited GeForce RTX 2060 GPU. Enhancing graphics and performance for both cult-classic titles and AI games, the newest mid-range GPU is 60 percent faster than the popular GTX 1060 and beats the gameplay of the GTX  1070 Ti. Equipped with Turing’s RT and Tensor cores, it can run the most demanding games like Battlefield V at 60 frames per second.

To efficiently handle heavy workloads of modern games, the RTX 2060 gets a major upgrade of core streaming multiprocessor. It runs with 6GB of GDDR6 memory and 240 Tensor cores that deliver 52 teraflops of deep learning horsepower, which can improve gaming performance through Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). This brings out multidimensional features of the rendered scene and intelligently combine details from multiple frames that shows clear, crisp images with similar quality as traditional rendering, but with higher performance.

The RTX 2060 comes with the GeForce Experience, an application that makes PC gaming more accessible, and also provides in-game features such as Nvidia highlights for capturing best gaming moments, Nvidia Ansel for taking stunning in-game photos, and Nvidia Freestyle for customizing and post-processing of their in-game photos and videos.

Starting January 15, the GeForce RTX 2060 will be available on systems built by Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Custom boards–from stock-clocked to factory-overclocked models–will also be available on the said date from top in-card providers.

A special RTX 2060 Founder Edition Board, which are designed and built by Nvidia, will be available next week on their website. Available for a limited time, there will also be an Anthem or Battlefield V bundle for customers who will buy the said graphics card or a computer equipped with RTX 2060.