Ph Cinema techs up with TIKTIK


While this piece of news isn’t entirely tech, it’s a great for the local film scene. TIKTIK, the first full-length Pinoy movie shot entirely on green screen, has raked in about 11 Million Pesos on its opening day. Granted, this is a little way off from the sizable 80 Million Peso budget they used to create the movie, but it’s a great, strong start. It beat out international films, and left all lines packed at cinemas where it opened. Critics have praised the film, hailing the dark, comedic execution of the film, as well as the quality of the CG graphics in the movie. It’s great to know that the local movies still very dynamic, and directors are forging new paths in filmmaking. The movie, written and directed by Erik Matti, and brought to life by Reality Entertainment and AgosDos Pictures hit cinemas on the 17 of October.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can catch the trailer HERE.