Phishing email targets Apple users


The Mac Security Blog reports that a a sophisticated phishing attack has recently been launched, luring Apple users with the tagline: “Update Your Billing Information”

If you’re currently using an Apple product, please be aware of the message pictured above. You’ll notice that it definitely looks official and will easily fool anybody, especially since the message even comes from””

However, according to Intego’s blog, if you click the link in the message, it will take you to a sign-in page that will eventually redirect you to a link where you’ll “update” your credit card information. Again, these well-crafted sites definitely look the part, but rest assured that they are not.


The way to discern its validity is by hovering over the link and revealing the URL that it actually directs to. From the photo above, the URL that’s been partly blurrd out takes you to an *apple.htm page, and not an * page. So in the future, if you ever receive any kind of message from Apple asking for your vital information, make sure to check that the link is legit.

Always remember that even Apple computers are vulnerable to security threats.


Source: The Mac Security Blog