Pimp your BlackBerry PlayBook with 4 pinoy made apps

Alright, so you’ve updated you BlackBerry Playbook to OS two-point-oh. Now what? Well, you can cram it with weird, semi-useful apps or you could download these four pinoy made apps that’ll help and amuse you. Not a hard choice is it? Among the growing number of pinoy made apps is the MMDA Navigator (handy for knowing and avoiding the clogged streets in the metro) PH Weather, Deal Detector (which gives you the lowdown on the latest deals in town) and a digital version of an old pinoy boardgame standby, Dama. All four apps is now available for download at the BlackBerry App World.

[album: http://gadgetsmagazine.com.ph/wp-content/plugins/dm-albums/dm-albums.php?currdir=/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/calbur20@gmail.com/BlackBerry Pinoy Apps/]



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