Pixel Qi laments wasteful iPad screen, says can do one better

Display manufacturer Pixel Qi has gone on record to say that the new iPad’s screen, while beautiful, wastes too much power – the company says that the hi-res, retina display of the new iPad consumes 90% of the battery on the tablet (about 8 watts). The company also goes on to say that they’re able to match the same quality of the new iPad’s display (and in some cases exceed it), all while keeping power consumption way down, as much as 100% less the peak power consumed by the iPad3 screen when their screen is on low power mode. Of course, their product isn’t out in the wild yet, but they did say that they are ” are finalizing our partner(s) on the development of this new screen family and the sizes we will make it in.” Of course, saying your next display is better is one thing, actually proving it, that’s a completely different story.

Source: Pixel Qi