Play the EcoDash game; win a Mitsubishi Mirage


For those who like playing games on their mobile device, here’s an all-new title that may just see you take home your very own Mitsubishi Mirage. Going by the store name of “EcoDash”, it’s a game commissioned by Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation and produced by Synergy88 Digital where the main goal is to drive a digital Mitsubishi Mirage as far as you can.

Its gameplay is reminiscent of titles such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, but instead of temples and subways, you’d be driving on streets while avoiding obstacles such as oil slicks, traffic cones, and other cars. You’ll be able to collect coins, multipliers, and fuel cans – this last one allowing you to drive farther. The game ends once your fuel tank hits rock bottom. Don’t be fooled though: EcoDash is decisively simple but is actually hard.


Anyone over seven years old is eligible for the contest. As for the game’s mechanics, you first have to download it (duh) either on the Google Play store or Apple App store, register your details, connect your Facebook account, then play. Your final score will be based on your total distance and total coins collected multiplied by the bonus points from the accessories/style multiplier.

The top five players at the end of each month starting September 30 until January 30 will win a Wi-Fi-enabled 16GB Apple iPad Mini. The top 10 highest scorers by February 27, 2015 will be invited to a Mitsubishi event where they’ll play EcoDash live, with the best driver taking home a brand new Mitsubishi Mirage GLS M/T.

Again, you only have until February 27, 2015 to gain the highest score so charge your phones and get swiping!